An introduction to chemoinformatics internet resources

(contains a little sex, a few drugs, no rock and roll)

Traditional chemoinformatics involves the use of software and databases, most of which are proprietary, and the ones that are not require a level of expertise that cannot be acquired in a short time. Hence, this practical will introduce you instead to some of the resources available on the internet for viewing and manipulating molecules.
The practical involves visiting various web pages and trying out things. When you open a link, it will open in a new window, so that the main text of the practical remains visible. Try to follow the practical step by step but do not do it mechanically! Try to understand what you are doing, and why you are doing it. By all means, be adventurous and try your own stuff too, if you feel like it!
Links to web pages will appear like this. Words appearing like this will pop-up windows (on clicking) with short explanations of a term or a site (these are especially helpful to people doing the practical without having followed the lecture). If you do not get a pop-up window, make sure that your browser's preferences are set to allow it. Finally sentences like this are questions to stop you from blindly following my directions and get you thinking a bit. There is not necessarily one correct answer to these questions, and, of course, noone is going to mark you -just try to use your brain.
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