Project Titles PPS97 


4. The Ser His Asp catalytic triad

Robert Janowski

5. Vitamin binding proteins

Camillo Rosano

7. Protein engineering and its role in solving the phase problem

Maciej Kozak

8. The factors involved in protein thermostability

Marialuisa Gazerro

13. Mutations and structure analysis of lysozyme

Kim DooHoo

14. Site directed mutagenesis of tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase

Steven Irving

15. Why is the structure of DNA important?

Maciej Drozdz

16. How can the polymerase chain reaction be applied in structural molecular biology?

Dominika Borek

18. Free radical damage in proteins

Adomas Urbanavicius

22. The ICE-like cysteine protease family

Gaspar Jekely

Wim Van Criekinge

27. Structure and function of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins

John Coadwell

32. Phosphorylation

Gail Whiting

33. Why cysteine is special

Jacek Leluk

40. The poly-proline helix

Zoltan Szabo

41. Comparison of NMR and X-ray diffraction as methods of protein structure determination

Ambrus Attila

Peter Hudaky

49. The role of the signal peptide

Kamal Dulai

50. Glycosylation

Emila Zmuda-Trzebiatowska