Postgraduate Certificate: Principles in Protein Structure (PPS)

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Distance learning: Principles of Protein Structure (PPS)

Postgraduate Certificate Syllabus

PPS Syllabus


Section 1 - How to get started
  • 1.1 Proteins - a brief overview
  • 1.2 Coordinate Files

A brief introduction to where protein coordinate data are stored and how they can be accessed.

  • 1.3 Technology

During the course you will be displaying molecules using Jmol or Rasmol. Here are the notes on how to download and run these programs. You should read these pages.

  • 1.4 MUDs, Blogs and Social Software

We will be using the Birkbeck MUD (Multi-User Dimension) for "real-time" meetings and tutorials in this course. You may have already visited it: if not, you should check it now. We will be using blogging, interactive text-based chat programs and other Web 2.0 based software to interact with each other, ask questions and share ideas about protein structure. Check the PPS blog.

  • 1.5 Reading List