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German Cavelier (
Fri, 3 Mar 1995 14:42:43 -0500

>i have not yet seen any suggestions for projects so maybe i am
>overstepping myself here; but, i had an interest of my own and wanted to
>know if the interest existed elsewhere
>what would you all think about the topic ... mutations in protein
>structure with a specific stress on their medical significance (i.e.
>pathology concerning dysfunction in pathway enzymes/proteins, etc.); or
>more generally, medical biochemistry of protein structure
>needless to say, my knowledge is limited to standard biochemistry
>textbook knowledge, but i am more than willing to put the time into any
>such undertaking if there is an interest and others who would be willing
>to help in this area
>please excuse my ignorrance of how things are be conducted and if i have
>gone about this the wrong way

Hi Jeffrey: I would be interested in such subject. I work (mainly with
theoretical, mathematical and computational methods, although I do also
some electrophysiology) on plasma membrane Ionic Channels and Receptors.
Studies of Molecular Dynamics, Electronic Structure, Physical-Chemical
Properties and Structure-Function Relationships of these proteins are some
of my main interests. I aim at describing these at a molecular, quantum
level. I would also like to study the interactions of these membrane
proteins with neurotransmitters, modulators and drugs. The influence of all
those molecular phenomena on the Biological Neural Networks is also one of
my interests, mainly in relation to CNS diseases like schyzophrenia,
depression and neurodegenerative diseases.

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