Predefined Sets

RasMol atom expressions may contain predefined sets. These sets are single keywords that represent portions of a molecule of interest. Predefined sets are often abbreviations primitive atom expressions, and in some cases of selecting areas of a molecule that could not otherwise be distinguished. A list of the currently predefined sets is given below. In addition to the sets listed here, RasMol also treats element names (and their plurals) as predefined sets containing all atoms of that element type, i.e. the command select oxygen is equivalent to the command select elemno=8.

    AT              Acidic          Acyclic
    Aliphatic       Alpha           Amino
    Aromatic        Backbone        Basic
    Bonded          Buried          CG
    Charged         Cyclic          Cystine
    Helix           Hetero          Hydrogen
    Hydrophobic     Ions            Large
    Ligand          Medium          Neutral
    Nucleic         Polar           Protein
    Purine          Pyrimidine      Selected
    Sheet           Sidechain       Small
    Solvent         Surface         Turn