HELP: Adding information to documents

This form allows you to add information to the end of a document (after the date field from the original author). Enter your information in the text box.

You are expected to add your information in HTML format. (If you wish to add a preformatted document add <pre> at the start and </pre> at the end). Remember to separate paragraphs with <p>.

It will probably be simplest to create, edit and test your document beforehand, and it can then be entered by cut-and-paste.

It is extremely useful if you can edit in URL's wherever they are needed. These URLs can, of course, point anywhere on the WWW. If you wish to point to other documents and do not have a server, mail me (PM-R) and I will put them in the right place on the hypertree.

Known bugs

The SGI has ridiculously small text boxes. This is a 'feature' in SGI's X and Mosaic can't do anything about it yet.

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Sept 23 1994