Command Reference

RasMol allows the execution of interactive commands typed at the "RasMol>" prompt in the terminal window. Each command must be given on a separate line. Keywords are case insensitive and may be entered in either upper or lower case letters. All whitespace characters are ignored except to separate keywords and their arguments.

The commands/keywords currently recognised by RasMol are given below.

    Backbone        Background      Centre
    Clipboard       Colour          Connect
    CPK             Dots            Define
    Echo            Exit            HBonds
    Help            Label           Load
    Print           Quit            Renumber
    Reset           Restrict        Ribbons
    Rotate          Save            Script
    Select          Set             Show
    Slab            Source          Spacefill
    SSBonds         Strands         Structure
    Trace           Translate       Wireframe
    Write           Zap             Zoom