Colour Schemes

The RasMol colour command allows different objects (such as atoms, bonds and ribbon segments) to be given a specified colour. Typically this colour is either a RasMol predefined colour name or an RGB triple. Additionally RasMol also supports cpk, amino, chain, group, shapely, structure, temperature, charge and user colour schemes for atoms, a hbond type colour scheme for hydrogen bonds and electrostatic potential colour scheme for dot surfaces. The currently predefined colour names are listed below with their corresponding RGB triplet.

    blue         [0,0,255]          black        [0,0,0]
    cyan         [0,255,255]        green        [0,255,0]
    greenblue    [46,139,87]        magenta      [255,0,255]
    orange       [255,165,0]        purple       [160,32,240]
    red          [255,0,0]          redorange    [255,69,0]
    violet       [238,130,238]      white        [255,255,255]
    yellow       [255,255,0]