Requirements to become a student

There are certain technical requirements that you will need and also some general considerations. We don't want to limit people unnecessarily, but since some people will benefit more than others, here are some guidelines. We shan't apply these rigorously, but we may use them to get a balance.

Technical requirements

General Considerations

We'd like to have a good number of people on the course who wouldn't otherwise find it easy to learn about protein structure. Therefore if you are already following a real-life PS course, it's probably fairest to let someone else take the course. Also we'd like you to have a reasonable grounding in related sciences - see the prerequisites - as this isn't designed as a course for non-scientists (that might come later!). Of course there are exceptions to these guidelines :-).

We'll need you to contribute in some way. This should be fun, but if you are terrified of posting something to the Internet, then it's probably best if you wait a bit and watch while others plough the first furrow! There will be many repeats of this course, we hope.

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Sept 26 1994