Consulting Students

We invite students who wish to help with the course before it starts to become consulting students. These students will be assured of a place on the course (and in history!). There are many areas where students can help, and the list below is only a selection. The general requirement is that you are WWW-literate, can prepare simple HTML documents, and are familiar with some resource which needs to be built before the course.

Skills and activities where we want volunteers

In many cases this could represent a collaboration between a student and a consultant to mutual advantage. Many of the basic technologies have been prototyped and we need people to help create resources with and for them.

How to become a consulting student

This should be done by mailing Alan Mills. Say who you are, what you'd like to help with, etc. We can't guarantee to accept you because we need a range of skills, but we'll try... :-)

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Sept 18 1994