We intend that the course has a glossary which will be an exciting project in itself. Normally the creation of a glossary is a back-breaking task, but it's one that can be done in parallel and with 100+ people involved in the course we can make great progress.

A good glossary will crossreference other items in the glossary which could be a difficult problem without computer technology. However we'll provide a tool whereby anyone (not necessarily a course participant) can add terms to the glossary through WWW forms.

More later...

Notes to authors of hyperdocuments

When you come across a term which you think might be useful to have in a glossary, add a URL in your page, such as:
This site binds 
<a href = /cgi-bin/pmr/glossary?atp>ATP</a>
and other 
<a href = /cgi-bin/pmr/glossary?nucleotide>
which is processed to:
This site binds ATP and other nucleotides

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