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Pleaes let us have you comments on the VSNS-PPS course here - they will be very valuable to us. Things are still extremely flexible at this stage (Sept ->Oct 1994) and most of the course is not yet on display. You will be seeing the consultants creating material in front of your eyes!

Offers of help or pointers to useful WWW resources will be much appreciated. At present we are not taking student registration (Nov 1994), so please be patient.

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pmr for pps
Sept 18 1994

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Added by: petermr on Wed Sep 21 08:26:36 GMT 1994

This is a test, but we'd really like you to add contributions here!

Added by: petermr on Wed Sep 21 08:19:12 GMT 1994

This course is a great idea! If there should be a need for consulting about NMR structure determination, drop me a line. I'll think long and hard whether I want and can commit (time) resources. Christoph Weber

Added by: on Tue Oct 25 13:26:01 GMT 1994

Rasmol and Kinemages do not yet run on all platforms,
Rasmol not on MacIntosch, and Kinemanges not on Unix.
While it is expected both programs will soon be
available for all 3 kinds of computes, it may not be
in time for your course.
Dr. Clifford Felder, Tech. Asst. to Prof. Joel Sussman,
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot Israel

Added by: on Thu Oct 27 15:12:22 GMT 1994

How can one register for this virtual course
on Molecular Modeling. The original message stated
that registration should begin on October 31st. Did I
miss it?

Added by: on Wed Nov 9 03:22:55 GMT 1994

Please add a link to the NIH molecular modeling WWW server:

Added by: on Fri Nov 11 18:54:54 GMT 1994

The course is an excellent idea! I thought the registration starts sometime in Nov. Hope I din't miss it. Kindly enroll me as (virtual) student.

Added by: Geetha V on Fri Nov 11 19:34:06 GMT 1994

I guess I failed to mention my e-mail in ID. It is (

Added by: on Fri Nov 11 19:37:12 GMT 1994

I am delighted to find such a 'virtual classroom' conducting courses on Protein structure just at the
right time when I wanted to learn about Protein Structure/Function!
I appreciate the efforts of the people behind this. Please keep us posted
about the registration dates (preferably on Bionet newsgroups also) so that we do not
miss it!

Added by: on Wed Nov 16 22:48:59 GMT 1994

Please add Stefan Sack's
URL for Geometry Prerequisites

Added by: Alan Mills on Fri Nov 18 17:13:38 GMT 1994


Chris Thorpe has offered to
produce a hyper section on
C-type animal lectins,
and I think Srini will do
S-type animal lectins.
I believe someone from Rex's group
can be persuaded to
contribute on plant
lectins. There's a

Added by: Alan Mills on Fri Nov 18 17:24:30 GMT 1994

Test for a simple feedback form by demon user

Added by: LesleyWE on Wed Nov 30 11:41:10 GMT 1994