Syntax:  write {<format>} <filename>

Write the current image to a file in a standard raster format. Currently supported image file formats include "gif" (Compuserve GIF), "ppm" (Portable Pixmap), "ras" (Sun rasterfile), "ps" and "epsf" (Encapsulated PostScript), "monops" (Monochrome Encapsulated PostScript), "bmp" (Microsoft bitmap) and "pict" (Apple PICT). The write command may also be used to generate command scripts for other graphics programs. The format script writes out a file containing the RasMol script commands to reproduce the current image. The format molscript writes out the commands required to render the current view of the molecule as ribbons in Per Kraulis' Molscript program and the format kinemage the commands for David Richardson's program Mage.

The distinction between this command and the RasMol save command has been dropped. The only difference is that without a format specifier the save command generates a PDB file and the write command generates a GIF image.