Syntax:  spacefill {<boolean>}
         spacefill temperature
         spacefill user
         spacefill <value>

The RasMol spacefill command is used to represent all of the currently selected atoms as solid spheres. This command is used to produce both union-of-spheres and ball-and-stick models of a molecule. The command, spacefilll true, the default, represents each atom as a sphere of Van der Waals radius. The command spacefill off turns off the representation of the selected atom as spheres. A sphere radius may be specified as an integer in RasMol units (1/250th Angstrom) or a value containing a decimal point. A value of 500 (2.0 Angstroms) or greater results in a "Parameter value too large" error.

The temperature option sets the radius of each sphere to the value stored in its temperature field. Zero or negative values causes have no effect and values greater than 2.0 are truncated to 2. The user option allows the radius of each spheres to be specified by additional lines in the molecule's PDB file using Raster 3D's COLOR record extension.

The RasMol command cpk is synonymous with the spacefill command.