Syntax:  load {<format>} <filename>

Load a molecule co-ordinate file into RasMol2. Valid molecule file formats are pdb (Brookhaven Protein Databank), mdl (Molecular Design Limited's MOL file format), alchemy (Tripos' Alchemy file format), mol2 (Tripos' Sybyl Mol2 file format), charmm (CHARMm file format) or xyz (MSC's XMol XYZ file format). If no file format is specified, pdb is assumed by default. Only a single molecule may be loaded at a time. To delete a molecule prior to loading another use the RasMol zap command.

The load command selects all the atoms in the molecule, centres it on the screen and renders it as a CPK coloured wireframe model. If the molecule contains no bonds (i.e. contains only alpha carbons), it is drawn as an alpha carbon backbone. If the file specifies less bonds than atoms, RasMol determines connectivity using the connect command.