Syntax:  dots {<boolean>}
         dots <value>

The RasMol dots command is used to generate a Van der Waal's dot surface around the currently selected atoms. Dot surfaces display regularly spaced points on a sphere of Van der Waals' radius about each selected atom. Dots that would are `buried' within the Van der Waal's radius of any other atom (selected or not) are not displayed. The command dots on deletes any existing dot surface and generates a dots surface around the currently selected atom set with a default dot density of 100. The command dots off deletes any existing dot surface. The dot density may be specified by providing a numeric parameter between 1 and 1000. This value approximately corresponds to the number of dots on the surface of a medium sized atom.

By default, the colour of each point on a dot surface is the colour of it's closest atom at the time the surface is generated. The colour of the whole dot surface may be changed using the colour dots command.