Amino Colours

The RasMol amino colour scheme colours amino acids according to traditional amino acid properties. The purpose of colouring is to identify amino acids in an unusual or surprising environment. The outer parts of a protein that are polar are visible (bright) colours and non-polar residues darker. Most colours are hallowed by tradition. This colour scheme is similar to the shapely scheme.

   ASP,GLU bright red [230,10,10]     CYS,MET     yellow [230,230,0]
   LYS,ARG blue       [20,90,255]     SER,THR     orange [250,150,0]
   PHE,TYR mid blue   [50,50,170]     ASN,GLN     cyan   [0,220,220]
   GLY     light grey [235,235,235]   LEU,VAL,ILE green  [15,130,15]
   ALA     dark grey  [200,200,200]   TRP         pink   [180,90,180]
   HIS     pale blue  [130,130,210]   PRO         flesh  [220,150,130]