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Take a peek at thymine and deoxythymidylate using the RasMol


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Group Thymine Members

Jim Pitts - Group Tutor
Our tutor at Birkbeck and senior lecturer in Crystallography | Check out his home page
Clare Sansom - Technical Consultant
Post Doc research fellow in molecular graphics and modelling at Leeds University | Research Interests: Design of therapeutically important protease inhibitors and the topology of sugar transporters. | Clare has developed "the Gallery" Web pages as a guide to the PPS course for "none experts" and has written an article about it for "The Biochemist"
Will Pitt - Consultant

Kurt Giles - BioMOO Consultant
Post-Doc at Weizmann institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel | Research Interests: Structure and function of cholinesterases and acetylcholine receptor | Other Interests: Cycling
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Andy Jennings
Jens Loesel
Silke Jonda
Stephan Ritter
Giovanni Capranico
Senior Investigator at Division of Experimental Oncology, Istitut Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori, in Milan | Research Interests: DNA topoisomerases and their inhibitors, Molecular and cellular mechanisms of drug resistance, new stratergies of anticancer therapy, applied molecular evolution
Chris Varley
Recent graduate in Biochemistry (Bangor University, North Wales). | Currently working as a free-lance graphic designer.
Peter Hjemstrom
Md/PhD student at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. | Research Interests: Molecular modelling of HLA molecules and peptides associated with the autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis
Salim Mottague-Tabar
Aurora Martinez
Associate professor in physical biochemistry and enzymology at the university of Bergen, Norway Research interests: The structure function relationships of metalloenzymes
Lesley Maclachlan
Elinor Schad
Vanessa Wee
Jostein Aserud
Originally from Norway | Bsc (eng.) in biological engineering in Canada 1981. | Currently working in Switzerland, in thermal engineering and management.

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