BioMoo Seminar - 31/01/96

The door opens onto a staircase leading down to the VSNS-PPS classroom. You see a Visitors Notebook, an Information for Visitors, and a SG Indy here.

Mikeh [guest] finds its way in.

Jzt [to mikeh]: hello! We seem to be the only ones got here yet, although David Johnston - I think - is on his way from the Lounge.

Bart finds his way in.

Mikeh [guest] whispers, "hello jacky"

Davidj finds his way in.

Jzt [to davidj]: Hello, David

Najmudin [guest] finds its way in.

Mikeh [guest] says, "hello all"

Bart says, "hi"

Davidj says, "hello everyone, sorry I took some time getting here but I'm working on a small screen and was having problems arranging WWW and Mudwin windows"

Najmudin [guest] says,"hello also"

Jzt [to najmudin]: hello, Shabir

Mikeh [guest] says, "I am new to this . How do we know who people are from the names they use here"

Najmudin [guest] whispers, "hello jacky"

jzt says "To judge from last week people will be arriving as and when they can.. Shall we start by deciding what we want to talk about? "

Najmudin [guest] says, "yes"

Jzt [to mikeh]: you can try look
Mikeh [guest] whispers,"thanks Jacky"

jzt says, "sorry unless they have used the 'describe' command to set up a description it isn't very informative to 'look' at them."

Bart says, "try info "

Davidj says, "maybe we could ask group members to select an intuitive name for the duration of the course"

Pam [guest] finds its way in.

jzt says, "My suggestions for a sort of agenda are: 1) problems with connections etc and course work 2) Group leader? 3) Group home page? "

Jzt [to pam]: Hello, Pam

Najmudin [guest] says, "i think that is a good idea"

Pam [guest] says, "hello, sorry I'm a bit late but I problems conecting to the BioMoo"

Jzt agrees with Davidj and Shabir

Jzt [to pam]: don't we all!

jzt says, "Well, jzt is Jacky Z Turner - sorry it's a bit opaque. Will others introcuduce themselves too?"

KarlS finds its way in.

Davidj says, "davidj is david johnston"

Pam [guest] says, "Hi, I'm Pam Thomas"

Najmudin [guest] says, "najmudin is my family name, but shabir what i use normally"

Mikeh [guest] says, "mike h is for Mike Hanlon"

Bart 's real name is Berthold Reich

jzt says, "Should we raise or discuss any problems that people have had so far with weeks 1,2 and 3 material? I think that some may find installing RasMol with minimal instructions (inevitable I fear) a bit of a challenge, but maybe everyone David and Mike and Karl had no problems?"

Mikeh [guest] says, "Problem. From home I connect via Demon Internet. Is it possible for me to come throuhg college instead"

Jzt [to mikeh]: I think that's a better solution - then the tech support is good. You will need to re-subscibe to the course mail lists and tell us your id at Birkbeck. For others, Mike is a research tech in spectroscopy at birkbeck.

KarlS says, "I installed RasMol on my Mac, but I still have to activate MIME and test whether it works."

Jzt [to KarlS]: Great - mail John Walshaw directly at or the pps96-technical list for advice if needed."

Mikeh [guest] says, "I had no problems with simple installation of Rasmol. But to launch this from within Mosaic do I simply replace my existing mosaic.ini with the version available on the Web"

Davidj says, "I'm still reading the various RasMol documents and haven't tried installing yet, because of demand for computer time here, I will have to install on both pc and mac and use whichever is free at any time"

Stretch finds its way in.

Jzt [to mikeh]: If you change your work to birkbeck I suggest you use netscape.

KarlS says, "Ok. For the same reason as Davidj, I try to install RasMol on our IBM Unix machine"

Jzt [to KarlS]: Is this working?

KarlS says, "Actually, I have not done it yet."

Stretch says, "is anybody from the cytosine group here"

jzt says, "Hello Stretch, who are you in real life? This is Jacky Turner"

Stretch says, "hello jacky i'm realy rob kehoe"

jzt says, "We were talking about installing RasMol on various different systems - the advantage of the pps96-technical discussion group is that there is bound to be someone who is doing or has done the same job as you are."

Davidj says, "Harping back to an earlier theme, I 'll make an ammended group list with BioMoo names added to it and circulate it"

Stretch says, "i installed it from one of the pps96 web pages. i run it on a unix computer via xwindows on my pc"

Jzt thanks Davidj and thinks a good idea

Jacksong (Jacko's here ......) finds his way in.

Jzt [to Jacksong]: hello Graham

MarkP finds his way in.

EitanR materializes out of thin air.

Jacksong says, "Greetings"

MarkP says, "Greetings to you too"

Jzt [to Jacksong]: We were discussing RasMol and then maybe we could move on to the question of a group leader (?)

jzt says, "Please anyone say anything they wish on any subject, but if noone has anything more just now, is anyone prepared to take on job of group leader? I know that Steve Tate was one in the last year's course."

Stretch says, "it's abit slow on my pc"

Mikeh [guest] says, "Sorry about that.Does anyone have an opinion on the reltive merits of Rasmol and Kinemage"

SteveTate finds his way in.

jzt says, "I have to admit that KineMage is above my head and you need to talk to someone more technical. Kine is the script that you write to run Mage - is that correct?"

ClareS materializes out of thin air.

Jzt waves to ClareS and SteveTate

Davidj says, "I have not played with either but if you use NCBI's Netentrez system, they now provide Mage format data for proteins. At the moment you need to download the mage files and then view them seperately but they are planing to make the viewing online soon"

SteveTate says, "sorry to but in but is there anybondy from the cytosine group here?"

Davidj says, "yes steve, lots of us"

Jzt [to SteveTate]: yes, quite a few of us! Jacky, Karl, Mike, David J, Graham J.. Pam and Shabir Mikeh [guest], Bart (sleeping), davidj, najmudin [guest] (idle 10m), pam [guest] (idle 23m), KarlS (idle 5m), stretch, Jacksong (Jacko's here ......), MarkP (idle 5m), EitanR (idle 5m, available for help), SteveTate, and ClareS are here.

Stretch says, "you forgot rob"

ClareS [to SteveTate]: and a few "gatecrashers"

jzt says, "OOPS sorry Rob" MarkP says, "has anyone tried the program FoldIt, as an alternative to Rasmol?"

Stretch says, "no hard feelings"

jzt says, "Do either Rob or Steve T feel able to take on job of group leader or getting together a group home page, in any way? Or anyone else?"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Bart off to bed.

Stretch says, "i don't mind helping with the home page but what does a group leader do"

Mhanlon [guest] finds its way in.

SteveTate says, "foldit is not as good as Rasmol and foldit does not load in PDB files?say do we have an an agenda for this meeting i.e home page etc?"

Davidj says, "I wouldn't mind helping with the home page as I have to learn serious HTML etc for other purposes in the near future"

SteveTate says, ""I don't mind putting togehther HTML i'm not that good but I also don t have any facilities to mount them?"

jzt says, "Well, I don't know if so far people in the group have been emailing each other if they need to discuss something - and someone who would be willing to be a bit pushy and active in talking to people (but not a 'tutor') would be quite useful to get better group cohesion and help for people who may be feeling isolated or at least would appreciate discussion?"

Jzt thanks Davidj

SteveTate says, "I'm going to have to depeart for a whiule as this machine needs to be used myself and kate denten will be logging in soon from another machine."

jzt says, "Yes, we started with an agenda 1) course material 2) group leader and 3) group home page. We are about on 2)"

Stretch says, "i m not fussy i ll talk to anybody"

Jzt will be in touch with SteveTate Davidj says, "no problem, but like steve I can't mount it locally, can this be done at bbk?"

Jzt says Robert and Davidj with some assistance from SteveTate might get us a homepage?

Jzt [to davidj]: Yes it can be mounted here, no prob. You can mail me the file

davidj says "great. Now we need some ideas for what to include. Shall I eMail the group for suggestions as we are not all here today?

Jzt thinks canvassing people is a good idea

Stretch says, "jzt how do i talk to a particular person here"

Kdenton [guest] finds its way in.

JZT says "Hello, Kate, this is Jacky"

Mikeh [guest] finds its way in. Jzt [to stretch]: you type to jzt for instance

ClareS [to stretch]: there are several other ways of doing this

Kdenton [guest] says, "hi every body body in ytherthe cytosine group this is really stebeve and keate"

ClareS [to stretch]: with "whisper" you can talk privately

Jzt [to kdenton]: Two at once!

ClareS [to stretch]: and with "page" you can send msgs to other people wherever they are in the MOO Stretch

Kdenton [guest] says, " sorry steve and kate"

The housekeeper arrives to cart SteveTate off to bed.

Kdenton [guest] says, "how do you use whisper ?"

jzt says, "Will one of you mail the group to let them know about the group home page and to suggest we choose someone as leader (no authoritarian intention involved - ) and it seems Rob might be wlling to do this job?"

ClareS [to kednton]: whisper "" to

Stretch says, "can you whisper into somebodys ear"

Davidj says, "will do"

Jzt [to kdenton]: Or "murmur" (mu) (maybe in the ear)

ClareS [to stretch]: Don't think so ;-)

Jzt thanks davidj

Kdenton [guest] says, "steve tate hsasn't gone to bed-heś's still here!"

Jzt [to ClareS]: do you know how long you have to be inactive to get carted off to bed?

ClareS [to jzt]: You're not actually carted off to bed until you log out!

Kdenton [guest] says, " sorry for being late can somebody give us both the low down on what is going on ?"

ClareS [to kdenton]: if you type "info stevetate" you will see that he is sleeping!

jzt says, "Thanks, Clare. We were discussing group leader possiblity and group home page possibility and it looks as if we have volunteers for both and will contact other group members. Is the course material OK for you so far, Kate?"

Jacksong (Jacko's here ......) finds his way in.

Stretch says, " i need to leave for a few minutes do i have to disconnect"

ClareS [to stretch]: no

Stretch says, "will somebody come and take me to bed"

Kdenton [guest] says, "if the group would like a leader then the Delta group (kate and Steve ) will volunteer or steve on his own?"

Jzt [to strech]: Well, I know you work odd hours at the synchrotron but 17.00 is a bit early.

Jzt [to kdenton]: We also have another offer from Rob Kehoe, but I would think 2 might be better than one, because you are all busy people.

Stretch says, "robs got to go for a while"

jzt says, "Is it a fair summary that 1) Davidj is willing to coordinate the group home page 2) Rob and Steve will take on group leader activity?"

Davidj says, "sounds a fair summary, anyone else want to help coordinate the group page?"

Jzt [to davidj]: I think there were some other offers too - I'll look at the transcript of this meeting. Anyone who wants me to mail them a transcript of the meeting (i.e. just a file recording all this) let me know.

Kdenton [guest] says, "steve says sound fine to me"

Jacksong (Jacko's here ......) finds his way in.

Davidj says, "Is anyone familiar with MudWin? If I select "save as" in the Mudwin File menu, will I save a transcript of the whole session since I logged in?"

jzt says, "Does ClareS know? Afraid I don't."

ClareS says, "Sorry, I've not used MudWin. It sounds logical, tho'"

Kdenton [guest] says, "has anybody managed to upload files to BBK ? Such as WWW pages that may be relavent"