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Course Organisation

Course Organiser David Moss
Course Syllabus, Student Assessment

Course Administrator Jody McGill
Admissions, Student Registration, Fees

Course Moderator Janet Thornton
Quality Assurance

Senior Advisor Peter Murray-Rust

Co-ordinating Tutors Jacky Turner, John Walshaw
Co-ordinating students, tutors and consultants

Academic Tutors
Tutorial sessions, academic advice
  • Julia Goodfellow
  • Beatrice Gorinsky
  • David Moss
  • Jim Pitts
  • Bonnie Wallace

Resident Consultants
Ajit Basak
Ben Bax
Signal transduction proteins
Bob Janes
Membrane proteins
Will Pitt
Molecular Modelling, Software engineering
Oliver Smart
Molecular mechanics
Christine Slingsby
Eye lens proteins

Software Support
Ian Tickle
Forms, cgi scripts
David Houldershaw
Email lists

Hardware Support
John Bouquiere
PC advice

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Last updated 15th Jan '96