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Sat, 10 Feb 1996 19:39:45 GMT0BST1

Sat Feb 10 19:08:35 1996 <> wrote:

> Here's how I envisage the structure of each entry:
> Definition
> [three to four lines max.]
> Related words
> [intra and inter VHG links, i.e. at least a list of the
sub-directories or
> terms leading from the 'concept']

OK, here's where we need to clarify if we need to assign keyword
structure. MESH and other nomenclatures have precise structures which
may not fit into virtual hyperglossaries unless we think about them at
this stage. For example, do we need to structure the preferred term
compared to synonyms or abbreviations? If you take 'acid', then link the
'sub-directory' amino acid, how does the reader (not curator) know
this is a Higher Term with many lower terms below it (in MESH the
abbreviation HT is used etc)?


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