Re: Proposed format for PPS hyperglossary

Omer (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 10:50:20 +0000

>No. The ways of uploading material are:
> e-mail (as you have done)
> HTML FORMs (as we did last year)
> ftp
> having a logon account on a remote machine
> Hyper-G (new)

>when you have created something, mail a sample and you will get some
>feedback :-) Then you can use one of the methods to transfer more of >it.

I particularly like the Hyper-G approach here. I think Amadeus,
Hyper-G's PC client, will eventually run on a Mac. Amadeus can be used
to insert material directly into the Hyper-G server form a remote
location. Harmony is the unix-based equivalent of Amadeus.


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