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peter Murray-rust (
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 23:00:19 +0000 (GMT)

Greetings Darren and fellow readers,

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Darren Fast wrote:

> Hi there, I have been following the discussion on the list and am somewhat
> overwhelmed by the technology. But despite this, I would propose as a

Don't worry! I have probably confused everyone by mixing a lot of things
at the same time. There are really two threads (which we may try to
- creation/curation of the PPS96 glossary.
- hyperglossary technology and philosophy.
I thought it would be useful for the people intersted in the latter to
see the traffic on the PPS96. I have been considering renaming the list
anyway. Maybe we should split it and have the h-g list separate from
PPS96. But be patient for a week or two :-)

> starting point, the following outline for the glossary. The basis for the
> divisions are in the broad categories that I as a biochemist think about
> proteins.

Darren, this is excellent. I am not going to comment on the internal
contents or structure of PPS96 at all. When you think you have a
reasonable structure, we will decide how to stick it into the technology.

However I think it's a good idea not to get too deeply into peripheral
areas. Thus I think that experimental methods and cell biology should
go in separate glossaries. I'll add *those comments only* below.

> subheadings are indicated by "-"
> Terminology
> -hydrophobic
> -hydrophillic (Spelling?) *******
> -ion
> -hydrogen bond
> -each of the following headings should be linked in here
> Genetic code
> -DNA
> -RNA
> -chromosome
> etc
> -lots of subheadings, may be irrelevant to this glossary?

*** if you find that you need borderline terms you can always
crossreference them. So:

<term type="name">chromosome</>

(the actual name of the other glossary will be worked out later...)
You can always create the 'chromosome' entry and we can shift it...

> Protein Biosynthesis ***?xref***
> -transcription
> -translation
> -translocation
> -transport
> -post-translational modifications
> Protein structure
> -primary structure
> --amino acids
> -secondary structure
> --helices
> --sheets
> --other
> -tertiary structure
> --barrels
> --more here
> -quaternary structure
> techniques/protocols *** suggest you have entries for these *topics*
but not the details (e.g. omit NOE, etc)***
> -lots of methodology here
> -nmr
> -crystallography
> -mass spec
> cell biology *** only the briefest stuff here as well ***
** the cell biol dictionary at stratclyde has ?6000 terms?? so don't get
sucked into that many !!
> -organelles
> --endoplasmic reticulum
> --golgi
> --lysosomes
> --nuclei
> -metabolism
> --atp
> --
> -cytoskeleton
> I realize this is far from complete and only includes a small fraction of
> the terms in PPS95. I would appreciate feedback and any info on how, once
> we decided on a rough outline, how to mount it so we can discuss and fine
> tune it.
> My computer resources are a macintosh with a good internet connection. I
> do not have access to a IBM compatible/windows nor to a unix box. So am I
> correct in assuming that I must use one of these to post material to the
> glossary?

No. The ways of uploading material are:
e-mail (as you have done)
HTML FORMs (as we did last year)
having a logon account on a remote machine
Hyper-G (new)

when you have created something, mail a sample and you will get some
feedback :-) Then you can use one of the methods to transfer more of it.


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