Proposed format for PPS hyperglossary

Darren Fast (
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 15:04:37 -0500

Hi there, I have been following the discussion on the list and am somewhat
overwhelmed by the technology. But despite this, I would propose as a
starting point, the following outline for the glossary. The basis for the
divisions are in the broad categories that I as a biochemist think about

subheadings are indicated by "-"

-hydrogen bond
-each of the following headings should be linked in here

Genetic code
-lots of subheadings, may be irrelevant to this glossary?

Protein Biosynthesis
-post-translational modifications

Protein structure
-primary structure
--amino acids
-secondary structure
-tertiary structure
--more here
-quaternary structure

-lots of methodology here
-mass spec

cell biology
--endoplasmic reticulum


I realize this is far from complete and only includes a small fraction of the terms in PPS95. I would appreciate feedback and any info on how, once we decided on a rough outline, how to mount it so we can discuss and fine tune it.

My computer resources are a macintosh with a good internet connection. I do not have access to a IBM compatible/windows nor to a unix box. So am I correct in assuming that I must use one of these to post material to the glossary?

Hope to hear from you soon,


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