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>Hi, thanks for your valuable contribution. I have the following comments
>and questions:
>> documents like HTML, PostScript, Images, VRML scenes, but also link
>> can be replicated in the hierarchy without being stored in the
>database more
>> than one time.
>Good news, so there is little redundancy. Can we 'mark' a 'preferred'
>hierarchy in case there is a need to output? Else there could be volumes
>of hierarchies and problems in counting!
The two (or more) hierarchies exist fully independent from each other. For
output you can take exactly that you like to output (for instance, if you
decide to distribute it on CD-ROM we provide an offline variant with a
local database)

Counting is also done by the Hyper-G clients. They show how many objects are
stored in a specific sub-tree.

Another feature to mention here are sequence collections. All text documents
inserted in such a special collection are embedded into a frame (currently
only availble vie the WWW-gateway) providing
first-next-previous-last-contents buttons to navigate within the sequence
(e.g.; sorry it's in german)

>> Here the next powerful Hyper-G feature comes into play: The search
>> We support several search areas:
>> - whole server
>> - selected subtree(s)
>> - multiple server
>> - all (Hyper-G) servers in the world
>> You can then do a fulltext, title, or a keyword search. For you that
>> that your users can define to search only in their preferred subtree
>(to get
>> exactly that molecule they want) or whole server. The latter provides
>> only the object itself, but also where it is located in the collection
>> hiearchy. So you can see some kind of meta-information procided by the
>> creator of the glossary.
>Where can we look to find out more about search facilities? In the
>hyper-G faq? I think it's relevant to Peter's earlier questions about
>case sensitivity etc.
We have written the Hyper-G reference book for Addison&Wesley. Unfortunately
the book will not comeout until end of march. We have an electronic version
and I will try to make the specific chapter accesible to you.


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