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Hi, thanks for your valuable contribution. I have the following comments
and questions:

> documents like HTML, PostScript, Images, VRML scenes, but also link
> can be replicated in the hierarchy without being stored in the
database more
> than one time.

Good news, so there is little redundancy. Can we 'mark' a 'preferred'
hierarchy in case there is a need to output? Else there could be volumes
of hierarchies and problems in counting!

> The clue here is, that data managemant effort for the provider is
> If you want to change one object (in your case e.g. a specific
molecule) you
> edit it once and get the actual version in every subtree. Also if you
> one object it also shows up in the other (directly linked)

Good, so as long as your direct links are set up there is no extra work
(unless we descide a preferred hierarchy needs marking).

> Here the next powerful Hyper-G feature comes into play: The search
> We support several search areas:
> - whole server
> - selected subtree(s)
> - multiple server
> - all (Hyper-G) servers in the world
> You can then do a fulltext, title, or a keyword search. For you that
> that your users can define to search only in their preferred subtree
(to get
> exactly that molecule they want) or whole server. The latter provides
> only the object itself, but also where it is located in the collection
> hiearchy. So you can see some kind of meta-information procided by the
> creator of the glossary.

Where can we look to find out more about search facilities? In the
hyper-G faq? I think it's relevant to Peter's earlier questions about
case sensitivity etc.

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