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Mon, 05 Feb 1996 15:58:51 GMT0BST1

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> It's all up to the curators! It's a responsible job, but withlots of
> fun and very mh appreciated. I think that in this case you should
> it reasobaly easy. Take a parge sheet of paper, (or print all the
> definitions out) and see what things naturally fall together. At this
> stage I am sure we can have more than one concept per term. (I hope
> that some real terminology experts will start helkping with the
> discussion soon).

I suggest you clean out anything not specifically related to protein
structure, such as enzymes. You'll find the existing links already give
groups implicitly.
Then start grouping and splitting. In my experience this is pretty
contraversial as people fall into splitters or groupers thus leading to
hours of discussion. In the end, pragmatism about how you search and
your search tools must drive your groupings.

I'd like to introduce Alan Gilchrist ( to this
discussion, as an expert on thesaurus construction. Please be patient,
as he is catching up with emails and subscribing to the list server

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