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Mon, 5 Feb 1996 13:57:30 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Kurt Giles wrote:

> O.K. Peter, I'm beginning to come round to your way of thinking :-)

Not at all! Two months ago I would have made just the same response as
you! We're working as a community here that learns as it goes along.

> I guess I wasn't thinking in terms of a HYPER-glossary.

The hyper aspect is two-fold.
- intra-glossary (this is called concepts and/or entailed terms)
- inrer-glossary. As far as I know no one else has done this
before and so we shall be at the cutting edge of a part of informatics
research. So we shan't know all the answers. :-)

> proteins
> enzymes
> esterase
> lipase
> other :-)

Yes, but... FiursSome of this has already been done (e.g. enzyme
commission EC) Also the structural classification of SCOP. and others.
(Thta - that's also hierachical (sorry for typos - my line takes 1 min
to echo input).

The proteins are really only a small subset that has been used for this
course, so I wouldn't spend *too* much time on those at present.

It's more important to group those things which are part of proteins
> > .............etc. >
> I think it important to get a good framework first, and this is where we need
> input from various people - or will this build itself once entries start
> comming in? Should we start with making categories from what's there at the
> moment?

It's all up to the curators! It's a responsible job, but withlots of
fun and very mh appreciated. I think that in this case you should find
it reasobaly easy. Take a parge sheet of paper, (or print all the
definitions out) and see what things naturally fall together. At this
stage I am sure we can have more than one concept per term. (I hope
that some real terminology experts will start helkping with the
discussion soon).

> > Will it easy enough to move the categories around, e.g. moving a sub-sub
> concept upto a sub-concept, if there are loads of entries in it, and visa
> versa?
> Kurt

In Hyper-G it's easy to move subtrees around (I think). e.g. if we have
a new intermediate category we can create it and move any subtrees to
hang off it. Whether we can build completly siparate subtrees (views)
of data I don't know - it's somethintg that datanbase theory people work

I think we shall find thet HyperG and MRTIF will help us a lot here!


(Very sorry for the typos)
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