Re: Hyper-G and MARTIF

Kurt Giles (
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 13:15:18 +0200

O.K. Peter, I'm beginning to come round to your way of thinking :-)

I guess I wasn't thinking in terms of a HYPER-glossary.
We first need to decide what the headings of the concepts are:

On Feb 5, 10:13am, peter Murray-rust wrote:
> - concepts. This glossary contains:
> amino-acids
> proteins
> physical chemistry
> geometrical terms
> structural hierarchy (primary, sec...)
> other :-)

Do we then subdivide these concepts, e.g.

other :-)


I think it important to get a good framework first, and this is where we need
input from various people - or will this build itself once entries start
comming in? Should we start with making categories from what's there at the

Will it easy enough to move the categories around, e.g. moving a sub-sub
concept upto a sub-concept, if there are loads of entries in it, and visa


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