Re: Hyper-G and MARTIF

Kurt Giles (
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 10:04:04 +0200

On Feb 5, 12:06am, peter Murray-rust wrote:
> The
> main drawback is that the display of 300 terms in a vertical line at the
> same level is messy, so clearly we need some concept analysis. (What
> this means is the grouping of similar terms into a subtree - e.g.
> aminoacids, proteins etc.) This could be a useful thing for the new
> curators to think about :-)

I don't think the 'subtree' idea will really work since we would inevitably end
up with an 'OTHER' where we put in all the things we cannot fit elsewhere, and
I think this is a bit messy.
Why do we need a subtree at all? Can't the main page simly be the search page -
as I understand it that's the main use of it (this could also include an
alphabetical search if people wanted to look through lists). As long as the
description of all terms include a category name (i.e. all proteins have the
word 'protein' in their description/classification) then a list of proteins
could be found through the search.


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