PPS glossary, future and past

Lesley West (Lesley@ceres.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 21 May 95 20:19:11 GMT

Dear all,

We draw to the end of this first PPS course. Our glossary is getting
to the stage where is *starts* to become useful! I am using this week
to complete and tidy the terms not yet passed (only a handful). In the
meantime our philosophy has emerged whilst we worked. Here is an
attempt to summarise. If you agree then the final glossary will reflect
these 'rules' if not then please reply, saying why you disagree :-)

1. About 3 lines text is optimal for a glossary.
2. Namespace tends to be the actual term for 'monoterms'
e.g. protein
3. Namespace tends to be well known abbreviations for 'oligoterms'
e.g. nmr
or else the full term for 'oligoterms'
e.g. steroidhormonereceptor
4. For 'monoterms', we tend to use the singular, noun for namespace
e.g. acid not acids or acidic
5. If a term is present, tend to include all main related terms
e.g. all amino acids
6. The glossary is living and evolving with the course material.
7. Use english sentences, with grammar and correct punctuation.
8. Tend to use english spelling with US in the index terms.
9. US spelling of terms is used in descriptions where consistent.
10. When handed over in a week or so, pass is no longer needed.

Many thanks for all your hard work!
Lesley for PPS-glossary team

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