Re: Glossary terms: questions

Lesley West (
Fri, 12 May 95 08:05:42 GMT

> As a general remark: I think, it is more useful to try to explain the
> relevance of certain chemical terms/groups to biochemists (with examples)
> than to give a summary from an organic chemistry textbook. This makes it

I have implemented most of the changes suggested by Achim to fit the above
guideline, with input from Artem and Iddo. However there are a few
remaining issues:

1. Mary-Ann Tuli and Mark Dalton have their names down from Molecular
Genetics. You have already contributed to the glossary. Are you able to
add the major purines and pyrimidines? I appreciate all our time is
scarce so do let me know if you can do this.

2. Iddo, I deleted the incorrect phosphorylase but do feel free to
re-define this term.

3. American spellings are causing some small confusion. *Please* add US
spellings as indexing terms. Sadly, my US references do not always
spell the terms we need. So please feel free to add US spellings or
correct the existing ones. For example, check redox index terms.

4. Finally, thank you for your help. It's much appreciated.

Lesley for the PPS-glossary team.

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