Chemical markup language

Lesley West (
Wed, 03 May 95 23:51:00 GMT


> Lesley I'm conscious that I need the last 10% effort to get the
> new SGML version working under HTML for entry creation. It's all
there -
> just needs a half day at BBK (it's so difficult to do the HTML
> implementation remotely).

The prototype looks exciting. It almost seems a shame to develop entry
creation when you can use feeder files like mopaq :-) !

> I also haven't quite mapped out the name space yet for cross

I had a look at your cross reference file. I think it's nearly there. My questions may help clarify this section:
1. In your example, namespace is REF = "glossary:alt.uu/gna".
2. Is "glossary:" always going to repeat?
3. Are subjects at the end of the REF? e.g.glossary:alt.uu/gna/vsns-pps?
4. Or are subjects an <INDEXTERM>?
5. Are terms with the same names & different meanings etc in this file?

Lesley West for PPS-glossary team