SGML-based glossary

Lesley West (
Tue, 18 Apr 95 07:32:08 GMT wrote:

> I have hacked out a new approach to the glossary which involves creating
> the basic entries and glossaries in SGML (rather than the *.GLO files

At last I have had a chance to look at the SGML in more depth. I think
you have done a brilliant job on it so far. We just need to take this
forward. So, here are the actions I think we need. Let me know your
feedback, as I can then update the FAQ by the end of this week:

What is under development?
PMR is currently developing the following tools:

- rename term
- change name
done delete synonym
done delete paragraph in description
done alter order of paragraphs in description
done delete URL
done delete GIF
done delete indexing term
- approve term

Am I right in thinking the new editing tools do not rename term or
change name? Finally, approve term is managed by the PASS directory.
However, as this is read-only to other groups, the new edit facility
doesn't write (I copied your additem, added PASS as an option, then
tested - it edits beautifully but won't write as expected!)

Here are the updated actions:
develop SGML to function in current glossaries
add validation to increase quality control (*)
revisions history (date & editer including originator)
expand search to include index terms
automated index terms derived from name
automatic addition of cross-references
mark void entries on _index.html (new glossaries still need this)
offer options for automatic mark up (eg.once/document etc) unmarkup (can a curator look to see where a term is used?)
warn of namespace clash

PPS-glossary team actions:
develop list of standards to make full use of SGML (*)
complete 1st curation on proteinstruct

(*) increase quality control depends on us developing standards.

Appreciate everyone's feedback so we agree on our actions.
Hope you had an enjoyable Easter :-)
Lesley for PPS-glossary

Lesley West