Glossary terms: questions.

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Hello all,

I hope this won't be a duplicate posting. If so, please excuse me: problems
with my mail server.

OK. I've been filling in the "P's" in the glossry, and I have several

1) pKa: I assume this refers to the pH at which the half the carboxy groups
of a given amino-acid are protonated. How about pKb and pKc?
(for the amino group, and for those amino-acids
with proton accepting/donating residues). I suggest this entry be amended
simply to pK. The info concerning a.a's specifically will be included in the

2) Phosphate: phosphoryl group or phosphate (organic) sounds better. After
all, we biochemists aren't dealing with the atom as such, but with PO4(2-).

3) What's a pir?

4) predict: a bit to vague and inclusive a definition for my taste.
Predict (structure) perhaps?
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