Re: uneditable URLS and the FAQ

peter Murray-rust (
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 00:00:50 +0100 (BST)

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, Dr Mark Pallen wrote:

> Hi Peter
> Just a quick note to say that I have been having all the same problems as
> other have noted with editing glossary URLs. I have made a pig's ear of the
> "alphahelix" entry in the biocomputing course glossary trying to edit an
I have been playing with these today and what happens is:
1. a URL is entered like:
<a href="junk.html">grot</a>
2. it works
3. I edit the netry. The URL is displayed as:
%3ca href="junk.html"%3egrot%3c/a%3e
4. I add another URL. BOTH work!
5. I can add more URLs and delete old ones. All old URLs are displayed
in their internal representation, but they work.

> incorrect URL linking to the PPS term. I assume that when you have this
> problem fixed for PPS, URL-editing will also work for the biocomputing
> glossary. Also I get those strange character groups instead of the < and >
Yes, the software is glossary-independent.
> in the URL box when I try to edit, but not when I view the term. This
> happens on MacWeb and Mosaic for mac.
I'll have a look at aplhahelix and come back to you.
> Finally, I have taken another look at the glossary FAQ for PPS. A few minor
> adjustments would turn it into a FAQ that would serve both courses well.
Lesley did the FAQ from stuff I wrote. I suggest that between
you you come up with the minor revisions. :-)
> Should I download the sources for each of the pages and edit them, then
> pass them on to you, or...
> should I pass my edited versions on to Lesley...
> or should I discuss each and every change I want to make by email..
> or should I just steal all the pages, re-edit them and store them as a FAQ
> here at Imperial?
No, because I would like there to be a single copy of core
material. The new version of the glossary is designed to be extnsible,
with a core to which local glossaries can add. So if there are local
FAQs, I'd suggest that you write them and have a pointer to the core.
Remember that the core has to change if there are changes to the glossary :-)


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