Re: adding to and editing entries

Lesley West (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 08:12:39 GMT

> OK,
> I think I shall hack the URL box. It's obviously a mess. What I
> plan to do is as follows. Assume we have three existing URLs composed of

> The user can edit any of the three old ones, or delete them, or add ONE
> new one. This should be easy. No diamond brackets - I hope it should be

Seems like the problems with URL entry are resolving. For feedback, I
have moved the alanine entry into the practice area. The alanine entry
in pass and proteinstruct are 'curated'. Just a note to ask the cross
references within the glossaries are best kept simple in the form of:
<A HREF=pyruvate.html>See pyruvate</A>
This allows easy porting between the glossaries. I'll update the FAQ.
Lesley for PPS-glossary