Re: questions

Lesley West (
Fri, 07 Apr 95 23:55:06 GMT

Steve, thanks for your feedback on pps:
> 1) There could be a note at the top of the glossary index page alerting
> readers to the search feature, and providing a link to it. I've been used
> just scanning the index list, and might not notice the term equivalent to
one I
> had in mind.

I'll try adding URL to _index page but cannot guarantee success!

> 2) When I tried out the search feature, it turned up no entry for
> though I understood it should find any indexing term. Is this not fully
> functional yet?

Ah, Peter I need to check if I added Brookhaven per se. 'Though
search.html should include index terms...
> 3) As to the content of the pdb definition: to me, pdb means a
> file format as well as the archive itself. This should be noted in the
> definition, probably with a link to

Yes, good idea. I'll update definition and URLs asap.
Lesley for PPS-glossary