Re: RFC: Central document registry

Lesley West (
Tue, 14 Mar 95 07:54:27 GMT

Hi everyone

Great to see the ideas about central document registry, thanks
Christoph. Peter and I discussed the hyperglossary in the context of
document retrieval a while ago, so it is useful to see these new ideas.

I like Christoph's senario about active registration plus a button at
the end of the document for submitting to 'the index'. By 'index' I
assume something like the index of a book which in this case is probably
a table of glossary terms versus document registry detais as opposed to
URLs? Peter's META fields included in the registry would help people
assess the relevance and timeliness of the related information. The
only drawback being the effort needed both by authors and implementers of
tools. No gain without pain!

My 2 cts.
Lesley for PPS glossary team.