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Pedro Mendes (
Mon, 6 Mar 1995 16:01:21 +0000

The portuguese translation of the ATP glossary entry by
>Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 16:35:53 +0000
>Subject: Portuguese
has two errors, which should be corrected.

1) the correct name of ATP in portuguese is "5'-trifosfato de adenosina"
and not "adenosina 5'-trifostato" as in that translation. The current
synonyms should be kept as they are with the addition of "trifosfato de
adenosina", which is a possible designation as well.

2) the word "indece" (índece) should be "indice" (índice)

I am a Portuguese biochemist, with my first degree taken in Portugal. I
felt particularly touched by the definition of ATP as in my first degree
this was discussed to great length (that it should be "5'-trifosfato de
adenosina" and not "adenosina 5'-trifostato"). The second error is just a

Please don't take this as a flame (which it is not). Apart from this the
translation is quite correct (and has spared me the work of translating it

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