European version of glossary (URGENT)

peter Murray-rust (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 11:36:27 +0000 (GMT)

Friends and collaborators,
We are investigating further funding for the course and
associated tools (I shall write at greater length later) and as one
component we are very keen to investigate the role of a multilingual
virtual hyperglossary (the 'virtual' means built and managed by YOU!).
As a matter of urgency, (2 DAYS) we'd like to have a specimen glossary
entry in as many languages of EU MEMBER STATES AND ASSOCIATED THIRD
COUNTRIES as possible. (This means, I think, AT, BE, CH, DK, DE,
(BTW this does not, of course, mean that we think of VSNS-PPS as
European, but at present most educational funding is at national and
continental level. We are very keen to explore *all* sources of funding!)

If you reside or work in one of those countries and are
PROFICIENT in a one or more of the languages used there, please take time
to contribute a glossary entry (details below). Please use
your judgment as to what languages can be considered (for example my
ex-University of Stirling in Scotland has a home page in Gaelic - this would
(IMO) be entirely appropriate at primary education level, but probably
irrelevant at postgraduate).
(NOTE: There are some countries for which we have no course members -
GR, IS and PT , I think. For these countries ONLY I would appreciate
a contribution from a fluent speaker living or working outside).

INSTRUCTIONS: please take the text below and translate it as clearly and
accurately into a language in use in your country.

Do not attempt to alter the scientific content in any way.
Please translate everything(except the actual URL and the glossaryterm -
which acts as a uniqid.).
(Punctuation and diacritical marks (even ISO-LATIN) cause problems. I tried
to cut and paste them - failed - and displaying them bombed my comms. So
please forgive me for asking you to avoid characters > 127 unless you
know a safe wayo of sending them. (At present I
have no indication of how Greek, Cyrillic and other languages can be
rendered through HTML pages , sorry - I'm sure it's being worked on
somewhere. In any case few browsers will yet be compliant.)
Please add your name, e-mail and country and the language you've used!
(We ask you to understand that this contribution (and ONLY this one) is
placed in the public domain - i.e. can be used further by anyone.)
Please then mail your contribution TO THE GLOSSARY LIST ONLY. Do NOT
duplicate languages.

Text to be translated. (Do not worry about preserving the HTML structure
or markup if there is a problem).
<H2>Glossary for atp (atp) </H2>
<i>Current description of term</i><BR>
Common abbreviation for adenosine 5'-triphosphate. This nucleotide is the
principal carrier of chemical energy in cells. <BR>
<i>Current synonyms</i><BR>
adenosine triphosphate <BR>
adenosine 5'-triphosphate <BR>
<i>Current URLs</i><BR>
<A HREF="">Structure</A> <BR>
<i>Current indexing terms</i><BR>
atp <BR>
adenosine triphosphate <BR>

Peter Murray-Rust, Glaxo Research & Dev. (; (BioMOO: PeterMR)
Birkbeck College,, CBMT/Daresbury,