Is it possible to add a tag to glossary items

Lin Dawei (
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 12:48:11 +0800 (SST)

Dear Leslay,
When I visit URL I
found the same problem as the hypertree update date problem(Now it has
been already sovled). From the apperence of items, I can tell which one
is empty, and which one is new. So is it possible to add another tag to
each items?

Suggestion 1: Because each item divided into 4 parts, so we can use 1234
to identify which parts have already been filled. For example, if "Current
description of term" and "Current indexing terms" have been filled, then
we can add 14 before or after the item name. In this way the people who
visit the URL will soon know which part is worth to visit, or which part
is needed to be filled. Is it a good idea? :-)

Suggestion 2: If the above information is too much in detail for some
people, we just change the font type of item name. For example, if the
item is complete, it use nomal font just remain the present font type. If
it is not complete, use another kind of font, such as more bigger and
smaller one, or use italic one etc. This method just is to be used to
distinguish if the item is complete or empty.

Suggestion 3: Use the same method as the one to solve the hypertree
update date problem. Add another item named "New and changed items" to
indicate which one is update at a certain date.

If anything I can be help, please let me know.

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