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Fri, 17 Feb 1995 17:29:04 +0100 (MET)

Dear all,
we have now come to a critical point in curating the glossary.

We have already - thanks to you :-) - a lot of entries, with coming new
ones everyday. Pls keep on with this very good work, we are getting a
really exciting and powerful glossary out of this.

But we have now sometimes the situation that a glossary entry could be
misinterpretable in terms that a meaning, that is not quite the one the
person that entered wanted it to understand.

We don't think, that there should be a discussion about *any* entry but,
and here is where we ask you for a favour, pls check the areas you can
add comments or where you can find a better description.
We do the same thing, but as Lesley and I are a Chemist and a Physicist
resp. we cannot by the first glance check in every entry if it's OK or not.
So we ask you to report us inconsistencies, we should check, or better
mail us or the server an update of the entry, as for the moment it is
only possible for us to re-edit the files.

We ask especially the people that have offered help for certain areas:
to help in checking, and in FILLING the GAPS of their fields.

A good example is the following mail by AchimTreumann, may be some more ...

Thanks to everybody and have a nice weekend.

Stefan for the pps-glossary team

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, ACHIM TREUMANN wrote:

> Dear glossary team
> Could you edit the entry for glycosidic bond in the pps
> glossary (it is plainly wrong the way it is now and I do
> not think it would be very productive if we would start a
> discussion about this on the listserv - mail me or chat to
> me on the BioMOO if you do not share this opinion, I would
> then repost my suggested change on the listserv).
> Glycosidic bond
> acetal linkage between a carbohydrate and an aglycon (an
> alcohol, can be another carbohydrate).
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