Re: adding a gif (fwd)-- limited size of uuencoded gifs

Murray-Rust Dr P (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 17:34:57 +0000 (GMT)

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995, pps glossary project wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Peter has set a limit to the size of the GIF files in the glossary.

When I started this glossary off, I'd seen it as being very short
entries and I wanted limit the size. Every entry has to be stored in BBK
and I didn't want people sending in 200 50K gifs (== 10 Mbytes).
Another reason I was concerned is that we could get spammed with
pornographic gifs (not from the course) and that although you can do quite a
lot with 2K it would discourage most people. (I suspect we are the first
site where people can post gifs).

There *is* a technical limit with the buffer in POST somewhere,
though it's considerably above what I've set. The way I've done it is to
limit the input to ca. 30 lines of UUEncoded stuff.

There are several approaches:

1. increase the size and react when we run out of disk space or
something nasty happens.
2. require a password (you will al be getting a pseudo-password
soon, anyway and I favout this
3. having a picture library at BBK which people can drop gifs
into and which could be referenced by URL.

In haste


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