adding a gif (fwd)-- limited size of uuencoded gifs

pps glossary project (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 13:54:17 +0100 (MET)

Hello Everyone,

Peter has set a limit to the size of the GIF files in the glossary.
After encoding the *.gif files with uuencode aou may run into troubles if
the obtained files are too big (see Virginia's mail below).

Peter, could you pls post here the maximum size of a uuncoded gif file to
fit in the glossary?

I think that several kb are suitable otherwise already simple graphics
obtained by rasmol fail.

Stefan for the PPS-glossary team

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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 17:00:18 -0800
From: Virginia B. Pett <>
Subject: adding a gif

Dear Stefan,
I sent you 4 files today by ftp:
I have tried a number of times to paste the uuencode file into the
glossary definition for alpha helix with no success. I always get the error
message: sorry too big.