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Thu, 2 Feb 1995 13:50:20 +0100 (MET)

Sorry, due a mistake, there might be an empty mail before :-(

But the answer comes here

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995, P. Murray-Rust wrote:

> (Mainly for curators)
> The "latest files" has now been fixed so that it looks at the *.dat files
> rather than the *.html files (The problem was that every *.html was
> updated even if the *.dat had not been changed). To update
> glossary/since .html, simply go to the glossary directory and issue :
> list_since.csh 7 since.html
> (where 7 is the number of days). I will shortly put this under the
> secret curators URL.
That's great otherwise it was practically impossible to guess what was
new, without looking into the bbk source files.

I have the impression that the secret URL is not too secret(?).
It seems to me that everybody can access it and reindex terms. Is this
right, or did you fix it?

At present this is no problem as reindexing does no harm to the glossary
but when you implement the edit option this can cause confusion.

> (everyone)

> I am really pleased how every day there are new terms. Please post here
> what additional attributes you would like in each term. I also think we
> need to split them further. Here are some examples:
> (terminology as in *.dat files). At present we have, say
> glossary.urls
> glossary.synonyms,
> etc.
> I think we have to subdivide this further, as in:
> chemical.molform
> chemical.molwt
> chemical.smiles
> chemical.2d
> chemical.3d
> organism.latin
> organism.english
> crystallography.cif #points to the CIF dictionary

A pointer to the PDB rasmol image might be useful as well.

> medline.url
> biochem.ecnumber
> Special fields:
> glossary.curator
> glossary.indexterm
> etc.
> Within each glossary the curator will select those terms which can or
> must be filled in. This will be done through forms and will much
> increase the consistency. It also leads to much easier indexing and
> searching.
> I also think I will hack the *.dat to be human-writable! At present it's
> OK but breaks if humans edit it. Humans should always come before
> machines. So I'll have a fomrat like:
> *glossary.curator
> LesleyWest
> StefanSack
> *chemical.smiles
> *organism.latin
> Rana temporaria
> etc.
> Suggestions?
> P.
> Peter Murray-Rust ( Glaxo Research & Development, Greenford,UK
>, (Thanks to AlanBleasby)
Stefan for the PPS-glossary team