Re: new entries

P. Murray-Rust (
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 23:28:04 +0000 (GMT)

There are no chemical editors that I know of that are in the public
domain or that are freely available. There is also no PD tool for
reading a connexion table and rendering this as a 2-D chemical formula.
Therefore the only way forward for chemical formulae is to use a chemical
editor on a specific platform (not normally UNIX). Alternatively we can
take SMILES formulae and automatically convert them to diagrams. Unless
you can do chemical diagrams efficiently yourself, I wouldn't try. It's
easier for us to do them and post them. If you want a gif put in, write
the SMILES and we can grep for this and convert it. More instructions
later, if your'e interested.

BTW - it's probably not worth trying to draw chemical structures with ASCII
characters. There is a good chance that the Web will munch some of them.
(See the entries for butyl, etc)


Peter Murray-Rust ( Glaxo Research & Development, Greenford,UK, (Thanks to AlanBleasby)