Yevdokimov Artiom (
Sat, 21 Jan 95 03:27:33 +0200

Hello !

Since the question was posted for general use I'll post my variant of an answer
here also :

1) - yes and no. It depends on definiton. in fact axial chirality can be
to dot chirality if excluding certain rotation possibilities.
2) you are absolutely right, certain symmetry operations eliminate actual
chirality of the substances - but in diastereomers - since "...please not use
more then 3 lines ..." rule is active - I have not included multiple asymmetric
centers explanation in the topic. Someone else may do ... :)
3) - you are perchaps right - since I 've never seen the names in English -
only in Russian and had to guess - 2 out of 3 - not a bad guess ?

4) yes I know. That is why I was asking not so long ago about a simple editor
for SGI - I had to recompile these pictures from Mac ChemDraw - and they have
lost some lines somwhere, I do not know where ... :-]. So I would like to ask
again - does anybody know simple Chem. drawer for SGI ? Don't point ShowCase -
thanks to the Polish guy who did - it's not nice in this case.

Since I am not a student (I applied too late) - see you later.


O---------:) the lost electrone.