Glossary (markup/lookup) ideas/concerns

Lesley West (
Wed, 18 Jan 95 08:17:41 GMT


Many thanks for your feedback. Here are some comments about the key points:

> What I would suggest is instead of limiting the search to the
> user needing to specify a request in a specific form.

The context sensitive search is something we should aim for but is at a
greater level of sophistication than our present tools permit. I
suggest we add this to the list of desirable developments but get the
glossary tools completed as in FAQ #13.

> Posible solution (this will help with posible future expansion also):
> Have the script look at words in a contextual form.
> Example is: 'nuclear magnetic resonance'
> 1. Check word against the glossary for all hits.
> posible hits:
> - nuclear membrane
> - nuclear magnetic resonance
> - nuclear RNA
> etc.
> 2. Look at 'context'/surrounding words.
> For glossary markup:
> See if any of the glossary 'hits' match the previous/next
> in the document. 'nuclear' AND 'magnetic'

The problem here is that neither 'magnetic' nor 'resonance' have a place in
the protein structure glossary unlike the term 'nuclear magnetic resonance'
or 'nuclear'.

> Perhaps there can be various levels of indexing:
> Science
> Chemistry
> General -
> Biochemistry
> Biology
> General
> Cell Biology
> Biochemistry
> Genetics
> histology
> medicine

Yes, there are glossary subject areas, which is why you need to chose a
glossary before searching. This is a useful start to the discussion of
exactly what areas we cover in PPS.

Lesley, PPS glossary team