Glossary Collaboration

pps glossary project (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 19:06:29 +0100 (MET)

Hello Everybody,

after having some problem at the beginning of the week, we are now ready
to start.

If you had problems accessing or trying the glossary within the last days,
we want to apologize for that. Due a migration of the PPS-glossary pages
several links were corrupted. :-(

But now everything seems to work OK, pls report problems.

What's new:

1. FAQ
We have set up a FAQ now accessible by WWW. You
can see it at:

We are still improving it, so any comments appreciated.

2. Please join the Listserver it is working :-)
Thanks to DaveH at Birkbeck the listservers are working now.
Pls join the listserver mailing list for the glossary.
See the following page how to do this:
It works now and is a great tool to keep in touch and exchange
information with everybody.

(If you got this message twice, don't worry, it only tells you, that
you've already subscribed to the listserver :-) )

We, the curators, will use the listserver for the information exchange. If
there is something special, you don't want to post there, you can of
course contact us directly by email

3. Contributors wanted
We have already got a number of people who want to contribute to the
glossary. Pls join them by telling us, what field could be covered by you.
Pls mail us
a) who you are
b) your mailing address (if not the reply address)
----> c) the field you like to contribute to <----
d) your WWW-homepage (if any)

We will set up a "People and areas"-Page in the next week and start.

Best regards

Stefan Sack for the PPS-glossary team